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MegaSeg Upgrades

Version 5.9 of the DJ/radio automation has dozens of improvements

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Mac software specialist Fidelity Media has upgraded its flagship MegaSeg live DJ/radio automation software.

According to a release, version 5.9 has over 70 improvements, most are for ease-of-operation or are live DJ-oriented, but useful for many will be multicore processor support.

Fidelity explains at its website that, “MegaSeg’s radio playout automation features include built‐in music scheduling, playlist programming, and rules for automatic title, artist, and album separations, with modes for live assist or 24‐hour automation.” It offers a dedicated radio broadcast automation page for its MegaSeg Pro software.

MegaSeg is available in Pro ($199) and DJ ($99) versions, with various lower prices for upgrades between versions.

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