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NAB Sneak Peek: Barix Redundix System Getting NAB Show Debut

System designed to automatically correct glitches over IP STL connections

IP audio specialist Barix will be rolling out its new Redundix system at the 2017 NAB Show. This audio-over-IP system gives radio broadcasters a hardware system for correcting glitches over IP STL connections that affect on-air signal quality. An optional managed service that optimizes audio quality in nonoptimal transport environments is also available.

Redundix system looks to add resilience to IP-based transport by either time-delaying two streams on the same network, or sending a redundant stream over a separate path. The system can also repair lost packets in the stream caused by transport network imperfections using time or path redundant streams.

Broadcasters can continue to use their existing codecs — in most cases — with the Redundix system. It is interoperable with any codec that supports RTP streams, ensuring multiple installation options.

NAB Show Booth: C1139