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NAB Sneak Peek: ENCO Demoes WebDAD

More tools for operating DAD through the cloud

Automation system developer ENCO gets even deeper into the cloud at the NAB Show with WebDAD.

According to the company, WebDAD provides an “an even richer and fully virtualized toolset to remotely access and control their studio-based ENCO DAD radio automation systems.”

Part of the company’s enCloud suite of cloud-based tools, “the broadcaster can control the complete on-air interface over IP via any standard web browser. This includes the ability to manage and drive on-air presentation, playlist manipulation, voice tracking, and other critical production tasks across the end-to-end workflow.”

ENCO sees WebDAD and similar tools as leading to decentralized operations. Ken Frommert, ENCO general manager, said, “While radio conjures up images of DJs talking into mics and operating radio control panels, the reality is that we’re now moving in a direction where everything is OS-agnostic and increasingly virtualized. With WebDAD, the board operator no longer needs to be physically at the radio station or sitting in front of the automation system to control and playout a live radio show. They can now take full control of their radio station as if they were in the studio via a web browser on their iPad, mobile phone or other connected device.”

WebDAD joins the recently released enCloud Weblib2, a remote media library manager and viewer design for remote use including smartphones and tablet.

Frommert said, “We’re rapidly getting to the point where no one needs to go to work at the radio station anymore. … It can all be done remotely, which is a very big deal. WebDAD and the larger enCloud suite are laying the groundwork for stations to become completely virtualized.”

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