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NAB Sneak Peek: Henry Brings Power to Its Pods

A single unit can power multiple pod units

Henry Engineering’s new Power Pod is a multisystem power supply and audio input unit for use with any of Henry’s various “pod” products. It will provide power to the popular Talent Pod and Sports Pod commentator units, as well as the Guest Pod and MiniPod headphone listening stations.

Because all of these products use identical Cat-5 linking protocol, they can be “mixed-and-matched” to create an ideal remote broadcasting or in-studio commentator system. A single Power Pod can provide power and audio input facilities to the entire system via the Cat-5 link, eliminating the need for multiple power sources, DAs, and complicated wiring.

Each Power Pod can provide power for up to 12 MiniPods, six Talent Pods, five Sports Pods, or 10 Guest Pods. In addition, the Power Pod’s audio input jacks can be used to feed audio to the entire system. With Power Pod, it is now possible to use Guest Pods for headphone monitoring without a MultiPhones Master unit. The Power Pod also facilitates use of the talkback feature on Sports Pods commentator units.

NAB Show Booth: N3530