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NAB Sneak Peek: JK Audio Debuts AutoHybrid IP2

VoIP hybrid/codec combines the best of both worlds

At the NAB Show, interface maker JK Audio is showing a new hybrid/codec, the AutoHybrid IP2.

The AutoHybrid IP2 pulls double duty, acting as an IP hybrid and an IP codec. It will function as a two-line hybrid for voice calls and as an IP codec for passing line-level stereo audio.

It uses G.711 and G.722 codecs, so it supports the higher-quality HD Voice codec. It has auto-answer and conferencing functions for the hybrid as well. XLR connectors allow for bringing in and sending line-level audio. An internal Web server allows for PC operation. A remote jack allows for interfacing with the JK Audio Interchange Intercom Phone Bridge for intercom operation.

NAB Booth: C3249