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NAB Sneak Peek: Orban Introduces PCIe Card-based Processor

All the power of the Optimod-FM 5500 in a Windows computer card

Orban’s new Optimod-PC 5501e is a PCIe card-based FM audio processor designed for work with Windows computers.

The company says that it provides the functionality of the Optimod-FM 5500. Features include two-band and five-band processing, a stereo encoder with Orban’s Half-Cosine Interpolation composite limiter and a low-latency monitor output.

Dedicated on-chip DSP chips relieve the CPU of the heavy lifting.

Using an Orban OptiEXP PCIe expansion chassis, a single computer can shepherd as many as eight 5501e cards.

Both left and right analog and AES3 digital inputs and outputs are available. There also two analog composite outputs and two analog SCA inputs plus two sync inputs: AES11 sync, and word clock/10 MHz.

Orban also says that card can also function as a standard Windows sound card, providing: “a recording input and playback output, so it can accept a left/right audio input and emit a processed L/R output through the normal Windows Sound mechanism.” It adds, “For example, a 5501e can directly accept the output of playout software that runs on the same computer. Moreover, integration with Windows Sound allows the 5501e to be interfaced to an audio over IP distribution system using an Ethernet port and audio-over-IP distribution driver on the host computer.”

The 5501e can be controlled remotely and multiple cards can be monitored across a network.

NAB Show Booth: N5006

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