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Nautel and Axia Team Up for IP Delivery

Livewire network feeds compatible transmitter

Transmitter manufacturer Nautel and Telos Systems’ Axia Audio division are teaming up for a studio-to-transmitter digital link demonstration.

Using Axia’s Livewire network scheme and Nautel’s VS line of FM transmitters, the companies plan to show how audio can be run throughout a studio — acquired, mixed, processed — via the Livewire Ethernet-based digital audio network and then sent to a Livewire-compatible transmitter over IP. The transmitter itself can also be controlled by Livewire over same IP link. (A VS1 is shown.)

Axia Audio Vice President Marty Sacks said not long ago, the thought of an end-to-end networked radio facility was “a dream out of the future.”

Nautel President and CEO Peter Conlon said the flexibility the arrangement provides in transporting and managing both audio and data between the studio and transmitter opens more possibilities for broadcasters.

Presenting a Nautel/Axia paper on this topic will be Kirk Harnack of Telos/Omnia/Axia.He will appear at the Broadcast Engineering Conference on Monday, April 11. “With the workflow being extended all the way to the transmitter, virtually all of a radio station facility’s infrastructure can be connected using IP. Audio transport, voice over IP, IP video, security systems, transmitter control and other traffic all share a common, ubiquitous support infrastructure,” he said.

NAB Booths: C2615 (Nautel) and C146 (Telos)