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Neural Updates HD-R Codec Pre-Conditioner, Adds Software-Only Version

Neural Updates HD-R Codec Pre-Conditioner, Adds Software-Only Version

Neural Audio will demonstrate digital audio capabilities for surround sound and its audio codec pre-conditioning for digital radio and DTV. Attendees can listen to demos at the Harris booth or by appointment in a suite at the Las Vegas Hilton.
Neural and Harris said they will introduce the NeuStar 4.0 Codec Pre-Conditioning Audio System, which is suitable for HD Radio, Internet, ISDN/POTS, satellite, DRM, DAB, compressed STLs and satellite uplinks. NeuStar 4.0 includes multicasting capability. At NAB, Neural will be demonstrating codec performance on four multicast channel streams at bit rates down to 16 kbps.
Features include more DSP, a user-friendly front panel and TCP/IP Web control. It can be upgraded for future expansion.
By correcting anomalies in audio content before they are encoded through the HDC codec, NeuStar 4.0 guarantees the best audio quality even at the lowest bit rates, the manufacturer says.
Also of note: Neural will introduce the NeuStar SW4.0, a software version of NeuStar 4.0. The software upgrade has the feature sets and processing algorithms of the NeuStar 4.0 and UltraLink hardware. It allows broadcasters to monitor and process multiple digital channels HD2, HD3 and HD4 or Internet streams in the same “box” at a lower cost per channel than stand-alone processing without additional hardware. The NeuStar SW4.0 runs on Windows XP computers or servers including the HD Importer.
NeuStar SW4.0 will be available as an embedded pre-installed offering in the Harris Flexstar or as an upgrade for HD Importers. NeuStar SW4.0 ships in May and NeuStar 4.0 ships in June.
Booth: C-807