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Neutrik Goes Wireless

Xirium is a 5 GHz digital audio transport system

Here’s something on the cutting edge — an internal wireless audio link that offers Dante. Neutrik’s Xirium Pro “cable replacement system” uses 5 GHz spectrum that is license-free for quality digital audio performance over long distances.

Neutrik calls the technology it uses DiWA, Digital Wireless Audio. According to the company, it uses no compression, offers 20 Hz–20 kHz performance, has low latency (app. 3 ms) and will maintain sample accuracy.

The system is modular concerning I/O with analog, AES and Dante modules for transmitters and receivers. Estimated operational distance should be greater than a half-mile.

Neutrik says, “On the receiving side, Xirium Pro supports an unlimited number of receivers. As long as a receiver can ‘see’ the transmitter’s signal, audio engineers can use as many receivers as necessary for their project. Further, a repeater module is available that converts any receiver module into a repeater unit.”

Though initially aimed at install and live sound markets, it might be interesting to see if broadcasters can make use of this technology.