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New App Puts the Shake in Radio

App searches for favorite tunes, just a shake away

What’s On Air, from Italy’s PalmoLogix, is a recently upgraded app for the iOS (Apple) platform. That refers to iPhones, iPads, iPods with iOS 3.0 or later.

According to its creators the app searches the Web, radio streams, etc. for “your favorite songs or artist.” When it locates something, refreshed once a minute, the device can be shaken to activate the stream.

What’s On Air will also provide data on the music such as album cover, Wiki articles, videos, etc. The app normally works in a passive mode but a feature called “Instant Boost” devotes increased CPU resources to the search function.

Gianluca Falasca, CEO of Palmologix said: “What’s On Air is a really good tool to discover what radios in the world are playing at any moment and connect immediately to the one that is playing users’ requests.”