New EAS Insertion Device from Titus

Allows remote EAS message insertion into signal chain
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The Titus Technological Laboratories PDI-626 EAS audio/data insertion device uses sealed relays to passively pass audio or data on three channels through the device. Upon remote command a secondary source is transferred to the outputs bypassing the audio or data from the primary source. By placing the PDI-626 in the program chain EAS audio is easily and immediately transferred to the program channels.

The PDI-626 features XLR connectors for the inputs and outputs, analog or AES/EBU. The PDI-626 is controlled by an external closure. This closure is monitored for short to ground, open, or legitimate trigger from the EAS triggering device. In the event of a failure of the triggering line the PDI-626 will not put the secondary source onto the program line.

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Local testing and triggering of the PDI-626, as well as full loop and system monitoring, are via the front panel. Daisy-chaining of other units is possible with the remote trigger output. Remote status is also provided. An internal power supply completes the unit, using a PowerCon-type connector for reliable operation.

An optional AES/EBU daughterboard will take analog audio from the secondary source and place a serial digital audio signal onto the program channel. This option allows the user to insert an AES/EBU EAS audio signal into a serial digital audio chain.