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New Euro DRM Service Will Launch in Early 2009

'Deutsche Welle and the BBC see DRM as the winning solution for the digitization of the AM bands on a global scale.'

Early 2009 is the target for a new joint radio service that will serve European audiences via DRM shortwave.

It was announced in September by the BBC World Service and Deutsche Welle; the English-language service will target Western and Central Europe, with content including global news and current affairs, analysis, documentaries and cultural programs.

In the announcement, Mike Cronk of the BBC World Service called this an important time for DRM and “a huge opportunity” for broadcasters in Europe to look at the potential for new services. “Two of the most important players in international broadcasting are reaffirming their faith in the DRM standard.”

Digital Radio Mondiale is a digital broadcasting system for bands below 30 MHz (long-, medium- and shortwave). Ruxandra Obreja is chair of the DRM Consortium and the controller for business development at the BBC World Service; she stated in the announcement: “Deutsche Welle and the BBC see DRM as the winning solution for the digitization of the AM bands on a global scale and they believe that this new stream for Europe will give a welcome boost to international digital radio.”

She continued: “Listeners in Western and Central Europe can now buy one of the growing selection of DRM-capable receivers and hear in excellent quality top-class programs that in recent years they could only access online.”

For recent reports on developments in DRM and in the leadership of the consortium, see “What’s Happening With DRM in the U.S.” and “DRM: Behind Its Targets, But Catching Up?”.

BBC World Service is a U.K.-based international radio and online broadcaster; Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster.