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New Panels Are ‘Lite’ and Cheap

Auralex SonoLite aims to bring professional silence to wider user base

Acoustic treatment maker Auralex has launched the cloth-wrapped SonoLite panel.

The panel will be marketed for “entry-level” use by musicians and in home studios or other applications requiring quick and inexpensive acoustic treatment.

SonoLite measures 24 inches x 24 inches x 1 inch. Its interior is an Auralex StudiofoamPro acoustic panel. The exterior is a fabric wrapping. Available colors are black and beige. The Noise Coefficient Rating is 0.75.

Auralex Acoustics founder and President Eric Smith said SonoLite is “an aesthetic and price point blend of Auralex’s StudiofoamPro and ELiTE ProPanels, combining the look of the ELiTE ProPanel with StudiofoamPro’s cost.”

Price is $24.99 per panel.