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New Products on Tap for Glensound

Cooperative effort with RTS/Telex is among the offerings

Glensound Electronics is promoting several new products.

The COIN GT-013, shown, is the first in a new line of commentary and intercom units. Glensound did the commentary interface, RTS/Telex provided the intercom interface. They call it the first dedicated commentary and intercom unit, the COIN GT-013/KP. Features include microphone front end with low noise pre-amps (48 V switchable) and a compressor limiter system.


The Recce HD Voice is the result of adding a Glensound HD Voice broadcasters’ mobile phone to a dedicated commentary mixer. An evolution of earlier Glensound ISDN codecs, with Glensound HD Voice replacing ISDN as the link, the Recce HD has a three-channel mixer (mic/line), 12 V phantom power and a compressor/limiter on each channel. The unit is equipped with a three-input headphone amp, which allows three commentators to monitor a mix of self, return audio cue or an external input. The portable unit, suitable for mobile reporting, requires two D cells. External DC power is available.

Featuring HD Voice technology based on Adaptive Multi Rate-Wideband (AMR-WB), the audio link is carried out over 3G (UMTS) mobile phone network for calls with 7 kHz of audio bandwidth, for improved audio quality and definition. No long cables or physical connections are necessary.

Also new is the Glensound Talent Box, an evolution of the GS-CU001B single-box commentary system, which remains part of the Glensound range. The Talent Box features three commentary positions, which each have an external remote control that connects to the main unit via USB.

The Talent Box Remote has the same controls as the main unit, thus making it possible for the commentator to move around and still adjust incoming audio feeds accordingly, turn the mic on and off and operate the three talk-back buttons. The two main commentary positions plus guest design means that the guest position does not get control of their own monitoring sources, or their own talkback buttons. Using a Talent Box Remote however, gives this functionality to the third commentary/guest position.

The Talent Box also features the CMBus, which allows multiple Talent Boxes to link three main busses — program, talk back and monitoring. By linking units it becomes possible to add a large number of commentators to a single mixed program output.

An Internet connection on the Talent Box permits the user to control remotely the on/off and gain levels of each commentator via a browser interface. Other features include digital or analog IO, gain control of program and talk back levels, security of settings, dual-channel international sound, and if Talent Box remotes are not used, the USB sockets can be used to charge a mobile phone.

NAB Booth: C1248