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New Strategy for Jünger

Company announces fresh approach to creating solution-based packages

At IBC2013 Jünger Audio is revealing a new direction of creating solution based packages for its product range — one, the company says, that is designed to make it much easier for customers to identify the processing solution they are looking for.

The new strategy sees Jünger Audio’s key hardware products marketed as universal processing platforms, with each one capable of handling transcoding and routing, as well as audio processing, and offering various ways of control including through automation or third-party equipment.

Instead of specific product names such as T*AP, M*AP and V*AP, Jünger Audio will now use these names to identify application packages. Once customers have chosen a processor with the right channel count and specified the application area they want to address (radio, TV, production, post production), Jünger Audio will deliver the relevant software package with the audio processor box of choice to create a solution that matches the customer’s needs.

IBC stand: 10.A49