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A Broadcast and Streaming Processor From Thimeo

STXtreme includes features of Stereo Tool

Thimeo STXtreme is a new FM, AM, HD and/or streaming audio processor. 

This plug-and-play device from Thimeo Audio Technology offers the features of the company’s software audio processor Stereo Tool, such as the Declipper that repairs clipped audio, and the FM section that optimizes the signal for maximum loudness, dynamics and clarity, with improved reception in fringe and multipath areas. 

Thimeo front

“The firmware and hardware are meticulously tuned to each other to achieve maximum audio quality and minimal latency; the monitoring output can run at a latency below 5 ms,” the company states.

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STXtreme has an easy-to-use HTML5-based interface so it can easily be controlled from a PC, phone or tablet.

The included RDS encoder can be controlled remotely. It can output MPX through analog and digital connectors, or stream it over an IP link using MicroMPX on low-bandwidth connections without loss of quality.

Thimeo rear