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A Nautel Transmitter for KFLR

Family Life Radio adds HD Radio in Phoenix

Nautel, GV30, KFLR, Family LIfe Radio, Michael Bove, radio transmittersFrom our Who’s Buying What page: Family Life Radio station KFLR(FM) in Phoenix, Ariz., took delivery this fall of a new Nautel GV30N-D FM transmitter.

Shown is Michael Bove, chief engineer for Family Life Radio in Tucson and Phoenix, with their new box, which supports the station’s addition of HD Radio with –12/–14 HD injection.

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Effective radiated power is 100 kW. Its TPO is 21.566 kW, of which HD Radio is 1.066.

The station broadcasts with an ERI medium-power half-wave-spaced four-bay directional antenna mounted to a top pole on Tower 12 South Mountain Phoenix.

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