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A New Up/Down Timer From RAM Systems

It’s available in desk or rack-mount configurations

RAM Systems has introduced the TMR-5, an up/down timer available in desk or rack-mount configurations.

“This series of digital timers are also master timers, which will drive multiple wall, rack and desk mount displays,” it states.     

The TMR-5 series of timers offer bright, flicker-free 0.8-inch digital displays. Up to 50 remote timer displays can be driven up to 4,000 feet. 

The time code output is a variant of DQS transmitted using balanced low-Z RS-422 signal levels. Timing resolution is 1/10th of a second with timing ranges of 10 hours in up or down mode. If a positive time is loaded to memory and the timer is set for down mode, when reaching “0” it will continue running indicating negative numbers. 

A warning button allows colons on the display to flash for upcoming events. 

The dimensions of the desk version are 6.35 inches wide by 2.3 inches high and 3.8 inches deep. Power source is 9 VDC.

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