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Adthos Ad-Server Is Free Ad-Serving App for Radio

Replaces the playout of ads by an existing automation system

Adthos Ad Server

Adthos has introduced what it calls “the only free ad-serving technology built specifically for radio.”

Adthos Ad-Server is an ad sales application that replaces playout of ads by an existing automation system, allowing digital audio and radio “to be sold seamlessly within a single integrated campaign.”

The company said the accompanying “integrations” provide users more flexibility; replace audio live and quickly without having to take multiple actions; and send reconciliation back to the user’s traffic system. The system also can facilitate local insertion on boosters and translators, and integrate workflows between the user’s digital and broadcast products.

Its streaming encoder encodes streams in AAC, HE-AAC and MP3, and is compatible with major streaming servers.

The platform is free to stations, and Adthos says further releases are planned later this year.

Adthos is a trademark of Wedel Software. The introduction was announced by CEO Raoul Wedel.

“Adthos Ad-Server can be installed without the need for multiple integrations and zero downtime. Radio stations gain the ability to easily sell, schedule and execute multi-platform campaigns with minimal intervention and with many tasks completely automated,” the company stated.

“In the first release, users can enjoy features such as instant reconciliation and an intuitive customer interface providing for updates and insights on campaigns at a moment’s notice, while the ability to replace spots in real time delivers incredible responsiveness.”