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AEQ Enters the Atrium

IP network console/control surface handles multiple applications

AEQ, Atrium, IP consoleFor on-air audio radio and television production with high-demand operational requirements and workflows. Its X-Core engine can manage up to 1,024 audio channels of local content or AoIP that can be controlled using one or several control surfaces. Each control surface can have more than 90 motorized faders with pages for snapshots or memories.

Atrium offers simplicity of operation through a set of touchscreens, encoders, indicators and keys, all of which can be preconfigured and dynamically adapt their function to the operational context. This avoids unnecessary steps in workflows, maintaining the precise information visible and simple operation.

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Each Atrium control surface and its individual controls can be customized for most any operation. Thus, classic workflows can be implemented. Users can also configure mix or very special workflows with flexible programming of keys to act on the routing of the console, maybe controlling external equipment such as routers, audio codecs, telephony broadcasting systems, broadcast automation, or IP intercom systems.

Atrium’s simplicity of configuration and integration within a system is not only restricted to the local production center, but reaches outside. It allows connecting with external events and remote production centers, enabling the creation of a multichannel audio network as extensive as the user application may require.

X-Core is a broadcast IP audio mixing, processing and distributing matrix. It can work as an audio matrix, intercom matrix or a combination. X-Core also can work as the audio engine of an Atrium console or set of consoles. Native IP (Dante, Ravenna, AES67, SMPTE ST 2110-30, SMPTE ST 2110-31).