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Arrakis Systems Heads to the Cloud

Optional service adds cloud-based functionality to APEX automation

Arrakis Systems is introducing APEX Cloud this spring.

This optional service brings cloud functionality and enhances the company’s flagship automation, APEX.

“The key benefits of a cloud-based automation system are remote access, failsafes and backup of critical files, along with being able to share audio between locations,” the company wrote.

“APEX Cloud does this all while utilizing the latest in security technology.”

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The system allows the user to mix and match the needs of small individual operations up to large station groups.

APEX Failsafe software runs remotely in parallel with APEX automation; it will go live if the studio goes down so the broadcaster can continue to serve its community in emergencies.

Cloud and local automatic backup uses the Synology NAS with a 1 TB HDD and/or a current or new cloud backup service. This assures that the station can get back on air quickly regardless of hardware failures.

The system offers remote access setup and support for remote control of all APEX Plus/Harddisk and APEX Tools management features, with current security protocols.

APEX Connect automated file downloading software downloads and updated audio to your automation and moves files automatically across the user’s LAN or VPN, such as Traffic, Music logs and reports.