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Athens Station Selects Calrec Type R

Small footprint and features match Pepper 96.6 FM’s console requirements

Calrec, Type R, radio broadcast consoles
The Calrec Type R compact console at Athens, Greece’s Pepper 96.6 FM.

Pepper 96.6 FM in Greece’s capital city of Athens has chosen to install a Calrec Type R compact console.

Station Technical Director Anastasios Labropoulos cited the console’s compatibility and flexibility with IP technology as one of the deciding factors, along with “ease of utilization; ease of upgrading software; and last but not least, the number of I/Os and faders.” He singled out the onboard mic preamps as being of “great quality.”

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The small six-fader mixer and screen fit the station’s requirements. “Since we are primarily a music station, we had no need for a larger console; the current configuration of the Type R with specific I/O and faders fully covers our needs,” Labropoulos explained.

Calrec’s Greek partner Bon Studio S.A. provided key services.

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