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Audinate Tees Up Dante AV Product Design Suite

Audinate’s Dante AV Product Design Suite to be used for product development

Audinate, Audinate DPS, digital audio networksAudinate’s upcoming Dante AV Product Design Suite will ship this quarter. The PDS is intended to aid users in creating AV-over-IP products that employ the Dante AV technology used in more than 2,500 existing Dante products from more than 450 different manufacturers.

The Dante AV Product Design Suite is designed to help OEMs to build an AV-over-IP endpoint with low latency over a 1 Gbps network. It provides interoperability for audio distribution and control, delivering independent, synchronized audio and video streams. Based around the Dante AV module, the Dante AV PDS may be modified, branded and differentiated by OEMs via software, control and integration with other members of their product lines.

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The Dante AV PDS is designed to be a feature-complete AV-over-IP solution for the professional AV market, implementing a codec, local HDMI and HDCP, ancillary data channels, and control. The onboard Dante AV Module provides Dante clock synchronization, control, discovery, transport, messaging, management, updates and more. A set of hardware documents, design files and a software SDK allows OEMs to create complete, fully interoperable Dante AV products with end-to-end HDCP support.

The Dante AV PDS includes a complete implementation of the intoPIX JPEG2000 codec supporting UHD and Cinematic 4K resolution, up to 60fps, up to 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, up to 10-bit color depth, up and down scaling, and ultralow latency dual block encoding and decoding.

The Dante AV PDS implements a software control stack which is accessed through the Dante API and Dante Controller. In addition to codec control, this software supports the routing of ancillary data channels for control over Dante, including USB HID, infrared, serial (RS422), and consumer electronic control for HDMI devices. All of these signals are transported over Dante and appear as routable channels, just like audio and video.

The Dante AV PDS comes with basic metal enclosure design, packaging design, preliminary EMI and thermal product scans, manufacturing instructions, and test fixture design guidance. Each Dante AV PDS contains two preconfigured Dante AV Endpoint Design Boards and five Dante AV modules in order to validate end-to-end performance.