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AudioScience Notes “End of Life” for CobraNet

Advises users to stock up on components

AudioScience has a heads-up for customers that use CobraNet: It’s time to say goodbye.

The company wrote in an email to clients, “We have been notified of the end-of-life date of the Cirrus Logic chip, the main component needed for CobraNet, with the option to make a last-time purchase. AudioScience is asking all CobraNet customers to place a last-time purchase. We ask for your assistance to ensure we are able to cover the quantities your company requires.”

The company said affected users should send purchase orders covering outstanding quotes, including spares for the rest of this year. “If you have longer-term contract commitments for CobraNet product support, these quantities should also be added/included in this purchase.”

CobraNet is a technology from Cirrus Logic that provides distribution of isochronous digital audio, control and monitoring data over Ethernet. It operates at the Data Link Layer, also referred to as OSI Layer 2 or MAC layer.

According to its website, AudioScience developed a variety of CobraNet sound cards and standalone CobraNet interfaces.