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Audix Introduces New Dynamic Studio Mic

PDX720 targets music vocals, spoken word, drums and instruments

Audix is out with a professional dynamic studio mic that could find its way into radio studios.

The hypercardioid PDX720 Signature Edition is described as excellent for music vocals, spoken word applications and drum and instrument recording. Applications include voiceovers, professional podcasting and high-end home studios. 

“Its sound signature finds its roots from the Audix distinctive ability to produce natural, smooth vocals with great low-end extension, even without active filtering,” the company says.

“The microphone’s standard default gain level eliminates the need for preamp boosts or cloud lifters.”

It features two three-position switches that enable users to modify sound by adjusting the low cut and presence boost. 

Audix also highlights it for “warm low-end tones and clear, defined highs which produce great clarity without sounding harsh.” The mic is aluminum with a black and gold finish. It retails for $799.

Audix, based in Oregon, is part of Videndum Media Solutions.

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