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CEntrance Ships Portable Channel Strip

Compact analog processor records to SD card and streams online via smartphone

CEntrance has begun shipping The English Channel. It’s a portable, analog channel strip for recording on the road. 

The company calls it a simple way for podcasters, musicians, journalists and YouTubers to improve the quality of field audio. It includes a mic pre with dynamics, a parametric EQ and an audio interface with online streaming capabilities, in “a small desktop cradle no larger than a book.”

The English Channel connects to laptops, phones and tablets. It has a 24-bit 48K SD card recorder and is powered by USB; a lightweight carrying case is included.

Its noise gate, compressor, de-esser and three-band “British” parametric EQ feature tactile controls. “The time-proven analog technology means no crashes, reboots or firmware updates,” CEntrance states.

“The English Channel allows the artist to use any XLR microphone, reduce background noise, add body and confidence to their sound, and go online from anywhere, all in broadcast quality.”

Centrance offers a choice of MixerFace or PortCaster as the recording interface in the package. The three devices in the English Channel can be used separately or together as part of the bundle.

The English Channel retails for $1599.99.

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