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NAB Sneak Peek: Comrex Updates Firmware

Access and BRIC-Link codecs get HotSwap and “experimental” GUI

Comrex GUICodec maker Comrex has released firmware version 4.3-p6 for Access and BRIC-Link codecs, which it says includes the newly developed HotSwap app, an experimental version of a new HTML5-based user interface along with bug fixes and other improvements.

According to Comrex, HotSwap lets users back up studio-to-transmitter links or other dedicated links with a wireless modem. Users can select a network that will only be engaged if the primary network fails. The system will warn of this status with a contact closure, and automatically fallback to the primary once it’s restored. Fall-over to backup happens in a matter of seconds, and the return to reguar status should be seamless, according to the company.

The new and optional GUI is in response to the phasing out of Adobe Flash, the company explained. It is not based on Flash but native HTML5. However, all current Comrex IP codecs, Toolbox, Codec Commander and Fleet Commander will default to the familiar Flash user interface. Experimenters with the new GUI are encouraged to contact Comrex if an issue is discovered.

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