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Cutter and Jake Deploy Digigram Iqoya Guest

Tools from Synthax help create audio spaces for their podcast

From our Who’s Buying What page: The podcast “Beers, Chips and Politics” is using a Digigram Iqoya Guest system, distributed in the United States by Synthax.

The political podcast is co-hosted by Cutter Ben Mohel and Jake L. Wood, aka “Cutter and Jake,” who are based in Pennsylvania 35 miles apart but simulate doing episodes from remote locations.

Cutter uses the Iqoya Gest, TotalMix software and RME BabyFace to create an environment for the personalities and their listeners, “like they are sitting alongside the pair at a bustling bar.” The duo recently created a “tour” of the Great Lakes region, simulating places like Lambeau Field and Mackinac Island.

They also use a Digigram Serv/Link to add guests onto the livestream.

The podcast is heard on on Red State Radio and WPHT(AM) in Philadelphia.

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