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DEVA Broadcast DB4005 Promises Precision

DSP-based unit monitors FM spectrum

DEVA DB4005, FM radio monitorThe DB4005 is the latest monitoring product from DEVA Broadcast.

The company explains that the unit makes use of sophisticated DSP algorithms and provides SDR FM tuner-based signal processing. “Its powerful digital filters are a guarantee of precision and enable the FM signal to be accurately and repeatedly analyzed with each device,” the company adds.

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A leading feature of the DB4005 is the MPX input, which allows users to monitor external composite signals, regardless of whether they are from a composite STL receiver/stereo FM encoder, or from an off-air source. In addition, the loudness meter allows for measurements to be shown as defined by ITU BS.1770-4 and EBU R128 recommendations — the DB4005 supports both standards.

DB4005 is easy to use and packs a host of features. These include TCP/IP connectivity, audio streaming, and automatic alerts for operation outside of predefined ITU-R ranges, as well as optional GSM connectivity. Onboard tools include oscilloscope, loudness analyzer, spectrum analyzer, de-emphasis, stereo decoder, RDS/RBDS decoder, data logger, FTP server and audio streaming.

Alarms include RF, pilot left and right audio levels, MPX, MPX power and RDS. Remote operation can be rendered via PC or Android and Apple smart devices.