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Digital Alert Systems Introduces DASDEC-III

It adds StudioHub wiring and modularity for customization

Digital Alert Systems is making some notable changes in its emergency alerting product line.

It has introduced the third generation of its DASDEC platform. It has converted it to StudioHub inputs and outputs. And it has unified two product families, DASDEC and One-Net, into one line. 

The newly introduced box is DASDEC-III, which comes with Version 5 software. The company said it combines features of earlier DASDECs with capabilities formerly provided by One-Net products, which were marketed to cable and IPTV operators.

The new product supports broadcast radio and TV applications, NextGen TV, CATV, IPTV, campus, industrial and emergency operation centers. The announcement was made by Bill Robertson, vice president of business development.

The company said the platform has a more modular design, allowing more hardware and software customization.

“With Digital Alert Systems’ EAS-Net communications bundle, the DASDEC-III can eliminate all the complex wiring and logic associated with serial ports, audio wiring and contact closures to multiple media keyers and switches,” it said in its announcement.

“Linking a DASDEC-III to EAS-Net-compatible devices eliminates all those connections and devices and moves critical communications to a simple IP-based network. Using these more modern devices, facilities can eliminate a host of equipment and connections, thereby saving space, power and, most of all, the headache of supporting multiple devices.”

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Digital Alert Systems changed the wiring options, adopting StudioHub wiring for audio inputs and outputs, which it said is unique among EAS/CAP devices. “Using this method of wiring creates a quick and easy connection to many other audio devices with simple Cat 5/6 wires with RJ-45 terminations. This creates a mechanically solid and dense wiring method without resorting to old, bulky XLR connections.”

It also provides an HDMI output with scalable resolutions and embeds the emergency audio in the same output.

DAS also highlights an improved user interface, faster quad-core processor and 64-bit operating system. 

“Since the product is highly tailored to customer requirements, Digital Alert Systems encourages customers to contact the factory or a dealer to determine the best configuration.”