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EMF Installs Custom Antenna in San Juan

WJKL(FM) gets a Dielectric DCR-M with special design aspects

Dielectric, DCR-M, Who's Buying WhatFrom our Who’s Buying What page: Dielectric reported the installation of an antenna for Educational Media Foundation in Puerto Rico, and pointed out some unusual aspects.

EMF installed a broadband model DCR-M antenna for noncommercial WJKL(FM) in San Juan, to serve WJKL on 105.7 MHz and a second station at 104.7 FM) in the future.

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“The center-fed DCR-M accommodates both frequencies (with 1 MHz separation) through a special reduced bay-spacing design that eliminates the need for future field tuning,” the manufacturer stated in an announcement.

“EMF also added a new, specially designed two-station branch combiner to serve both transmission frequencies, and prevent intermodulation issues from signal mixing inside the transmitters.”

The antenna is side-mounted to a mountaintop tower with a center of radiation at 118 feet above ground level. Its design was developed with storms in mind, including hurricanes.

“The project was in fact delayed due to several harsh storms including Hurricane Maria in 2017, which caused widespread devastation to the island,” Dielectric stated. “The project was revived once power was returned to the remote site and the general infrastructure was restored.”

Dielectric worked with Sabre to develop a custom mounting system that could support the antenna’s unusual bay-spacing design.

“This included a standoff pole for the tapered tower architecture, and a bracket design that eliminated complex anti-rotation elements for the antenna bays,” it said. “Dielectric also added its ‘funky elbow’ design to reduce ground radiation from the DCR-M, through a robust inter-bay feed system that optimizes signal coverage without directing radiation downward from the tower.”

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