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GatesAir Plans STL and Remote Link Webinar

Scheduled for June 18 at 2

Broadcast equipment maker GatesAir is working with MaxxKonnect to produce a webinar, “Intraplex IP Link plus MaxxKonnect: Empowering STL and Remote/Live Application,” June 18, 2 p.m. EST.

Webinar hosts are GatesAir Intraplex Sales Manager Tony Gervasi and Josh Bohn, president of MaxxKonnect Wireless, an internet service provider focusing on the broadcast industry.

According to a release the webinar will demonstrate the use of a GatesAir Intraplex IP Link and MaxxKonnect to create reliable feeds for STL transport, remote sports, and live broadcast applications.

Gervasi said, “The Intraplex webinar will show off our new IPL firmware upgrade (Ver 3.13), featuring Dynamic Initiator, which allows the Intraplex unit to remotely “call home” and perform automated setup, including NAT transversal.”

In addition, he adds, “We will also discuss and demonstrate how MaxxKonnect can provide high speed, prioritize wireless internet Service for STL backup and remotes.”

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