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Inovonics Offers Two New HD Radio Mod Monitors

Available with and without large front-panel display

Inovonics is out with two new HD Radio modulation monitors.

The company says the Models 551 and 552 are targeted for advanced FM and HD Radio signal monitoring applications.

The Model 551 HD Radio Modulation Monitor
The Model 552 HD Radio Modulation Monitor

“Incorporating all the necessary features for station setup, regulatory compliance and remote monitoring, both models are on schedule to begin shipping mid-February,” the company stated in a release announcing the units.

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The Model 551 has a 7-inch TFT touchscreen to display modulation data in a graphic format on the front panel; the same data is also available via a remote Web interface. In addition, full-time audio outputs are available for FM and digital channels HD1 through HD4.

Model 552 is for remote installations where the graphic Web interface will suffice. It also has a lower price point.

Beta units are in the field and Inovonics is using those to make final firmware tweaks before shipping, but the monitors can be ordered now.

President/CEO Ben Barber stated that the last two years have seen “great strides” in its mod monitor development work. He pointed to the dynamic web interface that can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or PC, as well as its SNMP capabilities, as an example.

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