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Inovonics Packages DAB+ Monitor

Three 660s in a 1RU RackPack bundle

Inovonics, DAB+, radio station monitor, 660, INOmini, RackPackInovonics is packaging three 660 INOmini DAB+ monitors into one rack space for those in serious need for DAB+ digital radio monitoring.

Called the 600 DAB+ RackPack Bundle it allows broadcasters to monitor three independent off-air channels simultaneously. As typical of Inovonics, the “modestly priced” package is tailored to the budget conscious broadcaster.

The 660 DAB+ RackPack Bundle includes three 660 DAB+ 1/3 RU monitor-receivers preinstalled in a 1U rack shelf. Each of the three 660 DAB+ receivers includes analog L/R and AES Digital program outputs. Alarm notifications for carrier loss, digital program loss, and audio loss are visible on the LCD front-panel display and there are rear-panel tallies for customized alarm solutions.

Inovonics says that the bundle is backed by its three-year factory warranty and Premiere Support service.

Inovonics Sales and Marketing Manager Gary Luhrman said, “With the steady growth of DAB+ broadcasts across Europe, Australia and other global markets, there´s a real need for broadcasters to monitor their off-air signals and that´s one of our specialties.”

Elaborating, he added, “Our INOmini monitor-receivers are compact, sensitive and selective DSP-based receivers. Three units fit into a single 1U rack space but require just one power supply — ideal for the modern broadcast facility.”

List price is US$920.