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Lawo Issues Software Upgrade for Radio Products

Radio v6.6 software applies to ruby, sapphire and other radio offerings

Lawo has issued a software update for users of its radio mixing consoles, Power Core mixing engines and On-Air Designer configuration software.

“The new radio software, v6.6 PL-003, represents a major upgrade to On-Air Designer, the configuration software used to customize the functions of Lawo’s radio mixing consoles and audio cores,” including the ruby radio console, it said in its announcement.

Lawo Ruby
Lawo Ruby

The ruby console (the company writes its name in all lower-case) provides snapshots for recall of saved parameters and settings, with motorized faders that automatically recall saved positions and context-sensitive user keys that can be customized using On-Air Designer software.

“The new software adds the ability to selectively load snapshots using extended logic functions, enhanced AES67 stream tuning tools, and integrates control of Lawo A__line audio I/O devices into the radio workflow,” Lawo stated.

This update also adds features to the configuration web pages of Power Core, Lawo’s Ravenna / AES67 mixing engine and I/O gateway device, as well as enhancements for Lawo’s VisTool GUI Builder Software.

It was announced by Senior Product Manager, Radio, Johan Boqvist. Radio v6.6 software applies to  Lawo radio products including ruby, sapphire, sapphire compact, crystal and crystalCLEAR mixing consoles, Power Core and Nova17 MK2 engines, VisTool MK2 GUI Builder software, and the On-Air Designer console customization tool.

Release notes and a software download are available at the Downlinks link at the Lawo website.