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Logitek Picks Six

Six-fader IP/touchscreen console aimed at smaller operations

Logitek, Logitek Electronic Systems, mixIT, mixIT-6, AoIP console, control surfaceLogitek has introduced the mixIT-6, a six-fader touchscreen-controlled tabletop AoIP audio console/control surface. The mixIT, like its bigger brother, the 12-fader mix-IT, works in conjunction with Logitek’s JetStream Mini and JetStream Plus routers as well as the new Jet67 AES67 engine. It is also compatible with Livewire and Ravenna. A Dante option is planned.

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As with Logitek’s Helix consoles, mixIT-6 provides metering, source selection and scene selects via a 7-inch touchscreens above the faders. Onboard router widgets enable easy selection of transmission, recording or codec feeds. Controls are also provided for talkback to studio/remote, monitor (control room, studio and headphone) and the console’s built-in cue speaker. A program meter simplifies operation by providing indicators for “too high/too low,” enabling at-a-glance setting of optimum levels.

Logitek President Tag Borland said, “mixIT-6 and mixIT-12 are perfect solutions for small broadcast operations or smaller studios in a large broadcast complex, with no hidden surprises in the equipment costs.”

He added, “Many budget-priced consoles require the purchase of external microphone processors, dynamics processing or even networking options. mixIT includes all of the electronic equipment needed to get on-air, offering an intuitive interface for operators while providing easy networking with other studios.”