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Neat King Bee II Takes Flight

Another eye-catching design from the former Blue crew

Neat Microphones, King Bee II, microphonesSo here’s the buzz… if the unusual design of the King Bee II makes one think about Blue, that’s not an accident.

The same group that founded Blue (technically Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics) a couple of decades ago and built it into a major microphone player, are also behind Neat Microphones, the maker of the King Bee II (and the original King Bee along with other XLR mics and many USB mics).

Not surprisingly, the mic designs put out by Neat have been … eye-catching.

Neat was recently acquired by iconic computer sound card pioneer now computer gaming peripherals power Turtle Beach …

But back to the King Bee II. It’s a cardioid large diaphragm condenser aiming to be a studio mic rather than a computer peripheral. This mic has an XLR output. Following in the tradition of Blue, Neat points to quality electronics on the inside.

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The target market includes the standard studio performers — electric guitar, acoustic instruments, drums along with voiceovers, podcasting and streaming content.

In addition it ships with the custom “Beekeeper” shockmount and “Honeycomb” pop filter. Price: 169.99

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