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Orban Offers AM Processor

XPN-AM clears up and extends troublesome AM signals with lower power

Orban, XPN-AM, audio processorOrban describes its XPN-AM/HD is its state-of-the-art AM/MW/SW processor.

The company says that it uses the latest generation MX limiter and provides unparalleled processing capability.

The processor is software-driven and controlled. One instance of XPN-AM software realizes a stereo AM and stereo HD Radio/netcast audio processor.

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Each processor consists of the following cascaded processing elements: input DC removal, stereo synthesizer, mono bass, left/right phase skew corrector, stereo enhancer, two-band defeatable AGC with window gating, ratings loop-through, equalizer/high-frequency enhancer, subharmonic synthesizer, multiband compressor, peak limiter, automatic loudness controller (HD only), transmitter equalizer (AM only) output.

The AM and HD processors split after the ratings loop through. An input/output delay allows for correlating processing delays. Processing handles 44.1, 48, 96, or 192 kHz sample rates.

Orban had planned to demo XPN-AM/HD with a Nautel NX-5 transmitter running MDCL (Modulation Dependent Carrier Level) with AMC of 6 dB at the NAB Show. In recent field tests with Nautel and TownSquare Media, Orban demonstrated that through aggressive processing with the XPN-AM, they were able to significantly reduce the transmitter’s power without impacting fringe coverage and without adding significant distortion to the signal. In one test, the NX5’s power consumption was reduced by more than 50%.