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PickleJar Assists Mid-West Family in Shoebox Campaign

Tipping app is put to use to benefit soldiers

Here’s a radio station promotions story with a twist.

PickleJar Holdings, which produces a live entertainment and artist payments app, said it will support the radio fundraising campaign Shoeboxes for Soldiers 2022 being run by Mid-West Family Broadcasting station WRTB(FM) “95.3 The Bull” in Rockford, Ill.

The campaign helps create, collect and send care packages to armed forces around the world, in partnership with Operation Shoebox

“From now through May 30, listeners will be able to donate directly to Shoeboxes for Soldiers using PickleJar Insider, the app’s free broadcast-focused feature. [It’s] a seamless way for radio stations to quickly mobilize and give back to those in need,” the company wrote.

“In addition, PickleJar will donate $5 for each of the first 500 donations funded through the PickleJar app or QR code for a total of $2,500.”

PickleJar calls itself “the world’s biggest tip jar.” It uses peer-to-peer payment technology and performance management tools to facilitate financial transactions for musicians, content creators and artists.

The Insider feature helps air personalities connect with nonprofits and charities. Donors pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless credit, and debit cards through their smartphone. 

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PickleJar Members can also follow stations and radio personalities within the app. 

“PickleJar Insider helps radio stations activate their listening audience to give back with immediate results,” read the press release. “Insider can also be used to raise support and funds for individual or time-limited campaigns, such as natural disaster response, humanitarian or emergency relief, radio-thons, seasonal charity drives, championing a mission or advocacy, significant local events and more.”

It said beneficiary organizations keep all money raised.