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PowerClamp Protects Solid-State Transmitters

It uses a hybrid of technologies to reduce the amplitude of AC spikes and surges

Sine Control says its new, lower-cost PowerClamp HP200-1-TX is a high-performance surge protective device for broadcast transmitter sites, network studio complexes and other mission-critical installations. 

The HP200-1-TX is suitable for solid-state transmitters that use switching power supplies, which are especially vulnerable to powerline disturbances.

PowerClamp surge protective devices use a hybrid of technologies to greatly reduce the amplitude of AC spikes and surges that often damage these switching supplies. The company says the unit’s “clamping level” performance is exceptional, reducing surges and spikes to within just a few volts of the sinewave peak. The new PowerClamp HP200-1-TX is rated at 200,000 surge-amps per phase.

The HP200-1-TX is for single/split phase 120/240 volt power; other Series 200 models are available for three-phase wye electrical service from 120 to 480 volts. LEDs monitor the unit’s fuses, with Remote Status Monitoring available optionally. Load matching is not required. There is no insertion loss or risk of power cutoff. In the unlikely event of an overload, the PowerClamp’s internal fuse will open, but power to the load (the transmitter) will remain on.

Series 200 SPDs have more surge-amp capacity than previous PowerClamp units, yet Sine Control says they cost less due to newer production technology. Units generally are in stock.

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