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RadioFX Helps Stations With Digital Revenue

The company's mobile app is said to help stations "generate advertising dollars without sales staff"

Supply Side is a series of occasional interviews with manufacturers and service providers with which readers may not be familiar.

RadioFX has created a mobile radio app designed to help independent stations take advantage of digital revenue streams.

“We saw how the corporate broadcasters were cashing in on the digital ad dollars flowing to media, so we built a solution for local broadcasters,” says the company.

John Wanzung, founder, CEO and head of sales at RadioFX, said most local radio stations don’t get said advertising dollars because “they don’t have the digital assets that advertisers are looking for.”

To learn more, Radio World spoke with Wanzung about the company’s RadioMax mobile platform.

John Wanzung

Radio World: John, what is RadioFX’s business mission?

Wanzung: To help local, independent, and college stations maximize the opportunity of the digital radio world by providing a super affordable, effective and easy to use mobile app.

RW: Who started the firm, and who owns it?

Wanzung: [I] started the company, and it is privately owned by shareholders/investors.

RW: Why would a small- to medium-market broadcaster want to explore your platform?

Wanzung: We have the best mobile platform in the market. The robustness of our app and its feature set with engaging and interactive tools is unmatched, and our dedication to the local/independent station needs is unique.

RW: Common wisdom is that digital revenue is still a relatively small portion of the radio revenue pie in the U.S., though growing. Why do you think that is?

Wanzung: I think there are a few factors driving the slow adoption of digital in radio, especially with small to mid-market stations. First and foremost is inertia — the “this is how we have always done it” issue. Second, particularly for local/independents and colleges, is resource limitations — they may not have the staff or knowledge to focus on the digital opportunity. That is why we built this simple but effective mobile solution and continue to add features and benefits to make this easy for stations to participate and capitalize on digital opportunities.

RW: What else should we know?

Wanzung: We continue to add digital advertising features to our platform so that digital can be a revenue-generating and profitable component of the radio station’s offerings. We have added audio insertion advertising with a large advertising network, and are adding upgraded banner advertising also with a large advertising network, so stations can generate advertising dollars without sales staff. Of course, our advertising capabilities also allow for the station to sell their own advertising and include those in the ads presented as well.

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