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Saelig Has New Aim-TTi Handheld RF Analyzers

Improvements include lower noise floor, a new frequency counter and additional detector modes

Saelig Company is offering U.S. customers a fresh line of handheld RF spectrum analyzers, the Aim-TTi PSA Series 3.

It highlights them as versatile and easy to use, with touchscreen functions and long battery life. They come in a rugged case with removable sunscreen/screen protector.

“Available in 1.3 GHz and 2.7 GHz versions, these new instruments are small, portable and have long battery life with improvements over the previous Series 2 instruments, even rivalling more expensive handheld RF products,” the company says.

Prices range from $1,425 to $1,925.

“Improvements include a lower noise floor for increased sensitivity, a new frequency counter, additional RMS, Sample and Average detector modes, and RBW selectable down to 300 Hz,” Saelig says.

The PSA Series 3 PSA1303 has a frequency range of 1 MHz to 133 GHz, while the PSA2703 operates up to 2.7 GHz, both offering a noise floor as low as –115 dBm and a dynamic range of 84 dB. 

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Features include sweep modes (continuous, single, peak hold and sweep average), AM/FM audio demodulation with built-in speaker, and data logging for traces, data points or screen images. Plus, storage for 10,000 entries per file triggered from a key press, internal timer, external trigger or the limits comparator. 

Traces or complete screen images can be saved to file and compensation tables for antennae or other external transducers can be created and loaded. USB host and device connectors allow the use of USB Flash drives or direct connection to a PC. Control is by touch-screen soft keys in a hierarchical menu system that gives access to menu functions. Additional hard keys are provided for marker movement and short cuts to all major functions.

The manufacturer Aim-TTi is based in Europe; Saelig Company is the U.S. technical distributor.