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Sage Introduces Alert Portal

Allows users to choose from a pre-defined set of locations and event types

Released in June by Sage Alerting Systems Inc., Sage Alert Portal is a software add-on for the Sage ENDEC. (It is not a required update.)

“Alert Portal provides a simple browser-based GUI allowing the user to originate over-the-air EAS alerts, permitting Local Primary EAS stations and Local/State/Tribal emergency centers to craft and send legacy EAS messages,” the company stated.

Screen shot of Sage Alert Portal

Audio can be recorded on the PC and uploaded when the alert is sent, or audio can be fed into the air chain from any other source. 

“Alert Portal allows users to choose from a pre-defined set of locations and event types, or select from a list of previously stored alerts. It features optional two-person authentication to reduce the chance of an incorrect origination.”


Alert Portal replaces the older ENDEC DJ and ENDEC PRO PC software. Contact Sage for a demo of Alert Portal, which retails for $600 and is available from any Sage distributor.

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