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Sage Releases Rev. 95 Update for ENDEC

Model 3644 highlighted for update, needed before Nov. 8

Sage Alerting Systems has released a new update for its Model 3644 ENDEC to make it functional for upcoming EAS changes. A validation certificate will be expiring making CAP message reception impossible for units not updated.

From the company: “The Rev 95 release includes a replacement for a security certificate used by FEMA to allow EAS devices to validate alerts. That validation is required by Part 11.56(3)(c). One of the certificates used to perform that validation will expire at 18:20 UTC Nov. 8, 2019. Rev 95 includes a replacement for that certificate, which was not released and approved for use until Oct. 30, 2019. To allow the ENDEC to continue to receive CAP alerts, you must install Rev 95 by November 8 at 1:20 p.m. EST.”

The company adds that the update is free for those who purchased their ENDECs after March 1, 2018. Earlier purchasers will need to buy the update pass from a distributor.

More information can be found here and downloading info can be obtained here.