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Sony Releases New Unidirectional Condenser Microphone

It retails for $499

Sony has introduced another product into its microphone lineup. Designed for home studio use, the C-80 is a unidirectional condenser mic suitable for recording vocals, doing VO work and podcasting.

“Inheriting the microphone capsule used in the C-100 and using the same material as the C-800G for the diaphragm, this microphone inherits the essence of the predecessors,” said Sony in a press release. “The dual diaphragm configuration suppresses sound characteristics changes with distance (proximity effect), enabling stable recording/distribution.”

C-80 (Credit: Sony)

Other features include the same two-part metallic body as Sony’s flagship C-800G, which prevents acoustic vibration, resulting in low noise and clear sound, says Sony.

Additionally, according to the manufacturer, a -10 dB pad switch on the mic provides added headroom and minimizes distortion and the low-cut filter switch helps eliminate the low-frequency noise and proximity effect.

The C-80 retails for $499 USD.

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