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StreamS Unveils IOdigi2X, IOdigi8X Audio Interfaces

New AES digital in/out USB audio interfaces

StreamS, IOdigi2X, IOdigi8X, digital audio interfaces, USB audio interfacesStreamS has introduced its new IOdigi2X/IOdigi8X audio interfaces. Currently available, the AES digital I/O USB interfaces can provide a XMOS-based AES digital audio interface to Apple, Linux, MSFT and all mobile operating systems.

They are USB Audio Class 2-compliant devices that use native system drivers, eliminating proprietary driver installs. A free, custom Windows Driver with advanced features is available as well.

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This is the easiest way to get pristine digital audio in and out of Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPad OS, Linux and Android computers, the company says.

StreamS IOdigi2X is a stereo synchronous device and can use either an internal or external clock. Sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz are supported. It can be used for any audio record/play application, and for test applications. This includes AES FM MPX radio applications, digital audio workstations, streaming audio encoders, SIP applications and audio analyzers.

Meanwhile, the StreamS IOdigi8X is a multichannel asynchronous device allowing more flexibility with sample rate converters on all four inputs. It can be used as a four-stereo input and output device for stereo 2.0, or as a single multichannel input and output device for surround 5.1/7.1. Input sample rate converters allow it to interface to any digital audio source from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz.

StreamS IOdigi2X/8X uses a XMOS xCORE audio engine, and is thought to be suitable for pro audio, broadcast, netcast and consumer applications.