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Summer Edition of Global Radio Guide Now Available

"Familiar players bring shortwave radio back to the front lines"

The newest version of the Global Radio Guide is out. In this 18th edition, author Gayle Van Horn discusses “familiar players and familiar places” as the radio industry responds to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Just like these events have brought up once buried feelings, it has also brought what many thought to be “old” technology back to the forefront,” he said. “While internet access is one of the first targets of invading regimes intent on controlling the narrative, the vast reach of shortwave radio transcends borders and other forms of connectivity.

“It is déjà vu with a front row view.”

The guide includes articles about the international broadcasters on the front lines as well as detailed information about the monitoring of utilities on the shortwave bands, including military communications.  

The 18th edition also includes its usual 24-hour station/frequency guide with schedules for selected AM band, longwave, and shortwave radio stations. Plus, listings of DX radio programs and Internet website addresses for many of the stations included. 

“Whether you monitor shortwave radio broadcasts, mediumwave, amateur radio operators, or aeronautical, maritime, government, or military communications in the HF radio spectrum, this book has the information you need to help you to hear it all.”

The current edition of the Global Radio Guide is available on the Teak Publishing website and via Amazon.

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