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Syndicate of Sounds Rolls Out Its Upmixer

Déjà Vu takes stereo audio and renders it in discrete 5.1 surround

Frank Foti’s new audio venture Syndicate of Sounds has formally introduced its Déjà Vu Upmixer.

The tool is intended “to transform two-channel audio mixes into enveloping and exciting surround sound experiences,” according to a press release. 

Intended applications include live sound, broadcast, event spaces, hospitality, house of worship and music production.

“There is plenty of content available in surround sound,” Syndicate of Sounds said in its announcement. “However, since the demise of physical media like SACD and DVD-Audio, 5.1 content for music is hard to find, with the majority of music recordings only available in stereo, leaving music fans in the dust, until now. Déjà Vu converts a stereo audio track into a surround audio track using a linear process that preserves natural sonic integrity, frequency response and audio level, while faithfully supporting the music’s original production characteristics.”

The tool operates in multiple modes: mono, stereo (2.0, 2.1), quad (4.0, 4.1), and 5.1 surround. “Other speaker configurations can be supported, including higher channel counts and non-standard speaker placement. There is access to adjust the individual levels for stereo input, master output as well as individual channels.”

One of the first deployments of the new upmixer is in Angry Audio’s nCircl product, shown.

The company is offering its upmixing technology on a licensed basis. “Packaged as an OEM object, Déjà Vu is also plug-and-play ready for playout servers or could be used off-line for file-based workflows,” it said.

Foti — who wrote about the genesis of this project in a commentary in Radio World earlier this year — is a former radio chief engineer and creator of Omnia Audio. He is executive chairman of Telos Alliance.

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