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Telos Alliance Updates Omnia Volt

Audio processor gets new presets and more

Telos Alliance, Omnia VoltNow available for the Omnia Volt audio processor is Version 2.0 of its software. The company says the V 2.0 includes things suggested by users.

The new version has a “revamped” preset collection. “Telos Alliance has combined constructive feedback, custom preset development for key customers, and creative input from worldwide power users in this latest version.” In addition eight wholly new presets have been created.

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Also new is a port forwarding feature for local networks with multiple Volts engaged.

And for the international market, improved ITU-R BS.412 power limiting. According to the announcement, there are nine new or revised presets which “make the most of the allotted deviation without the audible artifacts sometimes heard with BS.412 limiters.”

SNMP is also now available for all versions of Volt.