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Telos Alliance Virtualizes VX VoIP System

VXs features allow for remote teamwork for talk show phone system

Telos Alliance, Telos VXs, VoIP phone system, radio talk show phone systemsThe Telos Alliance is taking its well-known VX VoIP hardware and software talk show phone system and creating a “virtualized” version to adapt changing broadcast workflows and operations of late.

Broadcasters can deploy VXs on their servers in the rack room, on shared servers in the centralized data center, or into cloud. These deployment options deliver the benefits of virtualization, such as easier facility-wide upgrades, cost-efficiency, remote operation and teamwork along with automated deployment without site visits.

Broadcasters can scale VXs in size from a single studio to a facility-wide talk show system to a multilocation system.

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VXs uses fifth-generation audio processing for improved call quality. Other features includes Smart AGC coupled with Telos’ three-band adaptive Digital Dynamic EQ, a three-band adaptive spectral processor, noise gating, and Acoustic Echo Cancellation. HD voice calls benefit from VXs’ native support of the G.722 codec, instantly improving caller speech quality.

Installing a VXs VoIP system in facilities already powered by Livewire+ AES67 networks is straight forward. The new VXs system will plug right in, using automatic mix-minus from an Axia console and existing phone module for control.

Support for AES67 gives broadcasters the capability of integrating VX into any AES67 or compatible SMPTE 2110-30 environments. Support for SAP advertisement means VXs integrates alongside AES67-enabled Dante devices, as well. With plug-and-play connectivity, users can network multiple channels of audio with any manufacturer’s AES67-compliant hardware.